DASH: Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

Having unlimited users not only allows your company to grow without penalization, but also allows for unmatched employee accountability.

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DASH Solves That!

DASH Solves That!

With DASH, you can turn your problems of restoration into problems of the past and create a better way to run your restoration company.

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DASH Mobile

Mobile Office

Since DASH is a web-based system, you can carry your office in the palm of your hand increasing accountability and productivity.

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Restoration Management Software

The team at Next Gear Solutions has reimagined Job Management for Restoration Contractors with DASH Enterprise. Building tools that make Restoration Management easy and effective inspires the Next Gear team. We understand that our clients work in some of the worst conditions—water damaged sites in all ranges of cleanliness, fire damaged properties that have poor lighting and treacherous conditions, moldy areas that can pose health hazards—the list goes on. Restoration Contractors work in extreme conditions to service their customers, and we believe it is our responsibility to help any way we can. That is why we have built Job Management tools that are as mobile as the phones they carry. We make it easy to track equipment, upload photos, and speak notes directly into the job file. Restoration Management Software should be more than just software; it should be a solution that starts with a feature-rich product and is backed up with five star service and support.

What is Job Management Software?

Job Management Software is any software that enables an organization to better manage jobs. Job Management Software will typically have the ability to create a job that acts as a “folder” to collect information about that job. Work Flow and Task Management is typically found in most Job Management systems as well.

Job Management Software for Restoration Contractors – What is different?

Restoration Management Software is sometimes what many call Job Management Software for a Restoration Contractor. With so many non-insurance restoration job management softwares on the market, it is important to understand why choosing an industry-specific Job Management software is important.

• The insurance restoration industry is unique and has requirements that no other industry has. There tend to be additional participants like an Insurance Carrier, Primary Adjuster, Broker or Agent, Independent Adjuster, and Property Manager, just to name a few.

• The insurance restoration industry requires workflows that are different then the average business. Each carrier has different requirements, and you need a task manager that can accommodate that.

• Contractors typically need something that is easy and built for how they like to work. Having an easy but powerful job management system that is tailored to the restoration industry will increase your organization productivity.

DASH Enterprise is a complete solution for the Restoration Contractor, and because we at Next Gear understand the conditions in which the restoration contractor works, we back it up with outstanding customer training and support that has become known throughout the industry. Your restoration company is your livelihood, and we’ve made it ours to support you in everything that you do.

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DASH is the restoration industry's premier job management software.

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